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Inforial (The Jakarta Post)

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Sun, May 29, 2022



The overflowing enthusiasm for the BNI Java Jazz Festival presents the perfect opportunity for PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) to showcase its credit card products. BNI targets the millennial audience for this consumer credit service.

BNI Secretary General Mucharom said the company is advancing three credit card products, namely BNI JD.ID credit card, BNI Batik Air credit card and BNI-WWF credit card. All three credit card products are perfect for Java Jazz audiences who enjoy recreation and travel or those who are highly conscious of sustainability and the restoration and management of biological ecosystems.

“While hosting this year’s BNI Java Jazz Festival, we are also showcasing three of our new credit card products. We hope to attract more customers,” he added.

BNI has also collaborated with the World Wide Fund for Nature Indonesia to issue BNI-WWF gold and platinum credit cards. They are intended for national conservation organizations with a mission to preserve, restore and equitably manage Indonesia’s ecosystems and biodiversity in the interest of sustainability and the well-being of all Indonesians. By holding a BNI-WWF credit card, customers indirectly contribute to WWF’s cause for nature conservation through every transaction made with the card.

Meanwhile, as the name suggests, the BNI JD.ID credit card is the result of a collaboration between BNI and the e-commerce company JD.ID. The credit card is suitable for millennials who prefer convenient online or contactless transactions.

Additionally, BNI JD.ID Credit offers various benefits for each transaction on the JD.ID platform, such as cash back up to 6%, additional BNI reward points (up to 4 times), free shipping up to Rp 20,000 (US). $1.38) and more. The JD.ID BNI card also comes with attractive promotions for e-commerce purchases, particularly at JD.ID.

Finally, the BNI Batik Air air credit is a co-branding collaboration with Batik Air which comes in two variants, BNI Batik Air master platinum and BNI Batik Air master world. Mastercards are for Batik members and passengers of any Lion Air group airline. Cardholders enjoy benefits when traveling with Batik Air, including extra baggage up to 10 kilograms, access to the BNI and Batik Executive Lounge, additional BNI Rewards points and other tactical promotions offered by BNI.

“Each credit card product has its own millennial program and promotion,” Mucharom said.

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