The Most Overlooked Virgin Atlantic Credit Card Perk

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The obvious reasons to get the Virgin Atlantic credit card are points, earnings and either the upgrade voucher or the companion voucher, which allows you to upgrade to a higher cabin, or bring a friend for just the taxes. and fees.

The less obvious reason, the value of which I had totally ignored until recently, is that it covers in-flight Wi-Fi, of course on Virgin Atlantic flights, but probably on many others as well.

Thinking back to all the money I’d spent staying connected year-round on Virgin Atlantic flights, I could have justified my annual wifi-only fee.

Virgin Atlantic Boingo Mastercard

Boingo is a wireless hotspot group with more than 1,000,000 wifi hotspots worldwide. This includes cafes, shops and places in cities all over the world, but especially for me it also includes many planes.

The Virgin Atlantic UK Mastercard never made a secret of their Boingo partnership so I knew it existed in theory, but had forgotten the fact that Boingo still has airline partners. US customers can check their card for eligibility.

I last thought that Boingo had lost most of its internet access onboard flights as a teenager, but seeing the benefit listed, I decided to register my card recently through the Boingo x Mastercard Portal and try it on my next flight.

Sure enough, on an 11 hour trip from London to LA, I had unlimited ‘wi-fi max’ access on the Virgin Atlantic flight, and was even able to stream Netflix, which I didn’t think I could with any plan. Love is blind, here we come.

I haven’t been able to determine exactly how many other airlines offer this access, but it really works. I have seen reports of WestJet and some of American Airlines as well.

When accessing the Virgin Atlantic wifi site on board the flight, I went to “voucher” and then logged into my free Boingo account in partnership with Mastercard. A few seconds later, connection! Court!

I may be stupid, but it’s awesome

My family have been using the Virgin Atlantic + Mastercard in the UK for years and have only just realized the value this benefit brings. I probably paid two annual Wi-Fi access fees during this period, which I can now cut out of my life. Sigh.

I was delighted with how well the connectivity worked and the smooth connection process on board the A350 I was flying. At a time when many people are unsure of their card strategies, amid changing travel plans, this makes it even easier for me to justify the card, in addition to the other benefits that easily save thousands of dollars every year.

If you’re someone who appreciates wifi, either for work or to connect with friends on board, it’s great to get it for free through your card, and in case you’re as distant as I am – oops, it’s my job! – so at least you know now.

You can register your Virgin Atlantic Mastercard for free access to Boingo here.

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