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NEWBURYPORT — A Merrimac teenager who police say stole a local woman’s credit card while being taken to an area hospital in December avoided jail Thursday when she appeared in court in district of Newburyport.

Emily E. Crowell, 19, of Harriman Road, saw a robbery linked to a building charge dismissed, but misuse of a credit card over $1,200 continued without result for a year. If she stays out of trouble with the law for a year, the charge will be dropped.

During the same court appearance, Crowell also had two charges of assault and battery stemming from incidents in Merrimac months earlier resolved. The assault and battery charges were pursued without result for a year on the understanding that she remains drug and alcohol free with random screens and does not abuse her victim.

Newburyport Police Inspector Christopher McDonald wrote that Crowell stole a Spring Lane woman’s debit card just after an ambulance took her to an area hospital following a medical emergency. Crowell is the niece of the victim’s friend who came to see her during the medical emergency.

After stealing the card, Crowell made purchases large and small at several locations, including Five Below, McDonald’s, Market Basket, Victoria’s Secret, Walmart, Mobil gas, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. By the time Crowell’s “robbery spree” ran its course, she had spent $2,224 of the victim’s money, according to the McDonald’s report.

McDonald was able to obtain video footage of Crowell using the stolen debit card at several locations, including Forever 21 and Victoria’s Secret at Rockingham Mall in Salem, New Hampshire, and Panera Bread in Newburyport.

Speaking to Crowell by phone on Jan. 10, McDonald asked if she knew why they were talking and if she had anything to do with the stolen debit card. Crowell said she was unaware of the stolen credit card and thought they would discuss the prior incidents at Merrimac.

“Ms. Crowell denied stealing a credit card and told me she had her own debit card for shopping,” McDonald wrote in her report. “Ms Crowell was told I had numerous pictures of her using the stolen credit card and stealing a lot of money from the victim.”

Crowell again denied using the debit card.

McDonald later learned that one of Crowell’s friends was with her when she used the card and asked him to come to the police station to check out some of these photographs. The friend agreed to do so and positively identified Crowell, according to the McDonald’s report.

Dave Rogers is a reporter for the Daily News in Newburyport. Email him at: [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @drogers41008.

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