Taxi dispatcher faces crimes for credit card fraud | Local News

MANKATO — A Mankato woman who worked as a dispatcher for a local taxi service reportedly used customers’ credit card information to purchase auto parts and mobile game apps in 2021.

Jessica Olga Freerksen, 50, was charged with a felony count of credit card transaction fraud Monday in Blue Earth County District Court. She had previously been charged with a crime of credit card transaction fraud on February 24.

The most recent felony charge stems from a report to police in March 2021.

A woman told police her mother, 90 and living in an assisted living facility, had made a fraudulent transaction on her bank statement, according to a criminal complaint. The purchase was $37.50 tied to a Google account for a mobile game app.

The woman said her mother used a taxi service in Blue Earth County in January 2021 and gave her credit card information to a dispatcher over the phone. The dispatcher would have been Freerksen.

An investigator received records from Google showing the account was in Freerksen’s name and had an email linked to her.

The activity occurred before another alleged fraud case involving Freerksen in 2021, which led to the February indictment.

A criminal complaint says that in April 2021, a Fairmont police officer received reports of unauthorized charges on a resident’s credit card.

A woman told the officer that her husband needed taxi service for a ride from Rochester to Fairmont in February 2021, which resulted in her providing his credit card information over the phone.

A few days later, the woman allegedly found a series of charges on the card totaling approximately $800. The charges came from eBay, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Walmart and Paypal.

Freerksen was the person who collected brake pads, brake kits and other parts from O’Reilly Auto Parts in Mankato, according to the officer, while eBay and Walmart purchases were delivered to his address.

Mankato detectives learned from a taxi company owner that Freerksen was the main dispatcher at the time. During an interview with Freerksen in April, she allegedly admitted to making purchases with the woman’s credit card information, but “said she had done nothing wrong,” according to the complaint.

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