How to Request a Discover Line of Credit Increase

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A credit limit is the maximum a person can spend on a line of credit or credit card. Discover cardholders already get cash back and reward miles without paying an annual fee. New cardholders can start with a low credit limit or a line of credit. However, Discover cardholders can request a line of credit increase.

How to Request a Discover Line of Credit Increase

There are many reasons why a cardholder may have a lower credit limit than they would like. For example, a minimal credit history is generally not sufficient justification for a cardholder’s access to a large line of credit. Once the customer has established trust using the initial credit limit and established a good credit history, they can ask Discover to increase their credit limit.

Discover cardholders can contact a customer service agent at the number on the back of their Discover card to request a line of credit increase. To request a credit limit increase online or on the Discover mobile app, users can simply select “Card Services” and then “Line of Credit Increase”.

For customers in good standing, there is no set interval between credit limit increases. If a cardholder stays on top of their payments after an increase, their credit score will increase and Discover can then approve an even higher credit limit several months after the last request.

How often does Discover increase your line of credit limit?

Discover increases credit limits based on the amount of borrowed money a cardholder is expected to be able to responsibly manage. Discover periodically reviews a cardholder’s credit history, income, and amount paid in mortgage or rent.

The components of a cardholder’s unique credit profile help decide whether a line of credit is increased. These components include:

  • Payment history
  • Length of credit history
  • Credit Utilization Percentage
  • Recent credit applications
  • Monthly income and expenses
  • Employment history

Does Discover automatically increase the credit limit?

Discover cardholders need not be alarmed if they are not granted a high enough credit limit after applying for a card. Discover can automatically increase credit limits over a period of time after regular use without missed payments or other negative card activity.

What credit limit can you get with Discover?

A high limit on a line of credit allows Discover cardholders to spend more on the items they purchase. Although a high credit limit can increase your credit score, it can also lead to overspending. Credit card limits may vary and the highest rates are achieved through responsible use of credit. Credit limits are entirely dependent on how each cardholder manages their money and uses their credit card.

Final take

For cardholders whose credit needs have changed since applying for the Discover card, it may be a good idea to apply for a higher credit limit. To have the best chance of getting a higher credit limit, use the card responsibly, pay your bills on time, and don’t use the card too often.

Information is accurate as of July 25, 2022.

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