How to Request a Credit One Line of Credit Increase

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Some credit card issuers periodically review accounts to determine eligibility for credit limit increases and will automatically increase a cardholder’s credit limit if they meet the requirements. However, a cardholder can also request an increase in their line of credit.

You may need a line of credit increase to transfer the balance from another card or to make an unexpected large purchase. Applying for a Credit One line of credit increase may take just a phone call.

Does Credit One increase the line of credit?

Credit One automatically grants line of credit increases to eligible cardholders. If you have never received a line of credit increase in your Credit One account, or if it has been a long time since you received one, you can request an increase.

How to Request a Credit One Line of Credit Increase

You can request a line of credit increase by calling Credit One Bank customer service at 877-825-3242. You may need to provide your current employment status, annual income, monthly rent or mortgage payment and other information before Credit One can process your application.

If you’re a new cardholder, you may not qualify for an increase until you make several one-time payments on your Credit One card.

You can also improve your chances of getting an increase in your line of credit by making on-time payments to all your creditors, maintaining a good debt-to-equity ratio, and not asking for too many credit cards.

Keep in mind that an increase in line of credit will impact your credit score. An increase in line of credit will generally improve your credit utilization ratio and may increase your credit score. However, if you use the increase to make a large purchase and use most of your available credit limit, your credit score could drop.

What is the highest credit limit for Credit One?

There is no standard maximum credit limit on a Credit One card. Credit One uses several factors to determine a cardholder’s credit line.

How long does it take to get a raise with Credit One?

If the account is new, it may take several months to make payments on time before Credit One considers increasing your credit limit. However, Credit One automatically reviews accounts and will notify you if you are eligible for a raise.

You can also request a line of credit increase by calling Credit One at 877-825-3242.

Is Credit One pushing hard for a credit limit increase?

A card issuer may perform a soft pull, a hard pull, or both when determining whether to grant a request for a line of credit increase. It is best to contact Credit One directly to determine if a request will result in a hard or soft draw.

Hard draws will show up on your credit history and may impact your credit score, while soft draws will not.


Credit One Bank will assess your credit and payment history not only for your Credit One card but also for your other creditors to determine your eligibility for a line of credit increase.

If you are denied an increase, you can contact Credit One to determine the reasons for the denial. By correcting these issues, you may qualify for an increased Credit One line of credit in the future and even improve your credit score.

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