High interest rates make Bajaj Finance FD the perfect investment avenue for its Diwali bonus



With the start of Diwali comes the joy of receiving your Diwali bonus. With the long-awaited Diwali bonuses being widely credited, it can be tempting to splurge and treat yourself to some extravaganza. Still, it would be a more prudent choice to invest some of his hard-earned income.

For working professionals, saving and investing should be the top priorities for budgeting their income. This is one of the reasons why you should actively seek out better ways to invest your money. Amid the sea of ​​uncertainties and volatile market movements, the term deposit has proven to be a haven for investors. Bajaj Finance is one of those financiers that offers investors the double benefit of high FD interest rates as well as deposit security.

Here’s why you need to invest in this instrument to generate high risk-free returns this Diwali: Benefit from high FD interest rates Bajaj Finance offers one of the highest FD interest rates, up to 6.50%, as well as an additional 0.10% pa rate advantage for online investors. Seniors benefit from an additional rate of 0.25% per year regardless of the mode of investment. Take an example where an individual invests Rs. 2,000,000 choosing a 5 year term in an online FD from Bajaj Finance, the table shows the expected returns to maturity.

Interest rate for investor Applicable interest earned at maturity Amount Investors under 60 (investing offline) 6.50% Rs. 74,017 rupees 2.74,017 Investors under 60 (investing in line) 6.60% Rs. 75,306 rupees 2.75,306 Senior 6.75% Rs. 77,249 rupees 2.77,249 Loan against fixed deposit for liquidity shortages Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit offers loan against FD facility to make in the face of emergencies. In this way, investors will not have to break their FD and thus, will benefit from the accrued interest. The maximum loan amount that can be availed is 75% of the FD value.

Online FD Calculator to Estimate Returns To simplify financial planning, Bajaj Finserv provides free access to an online fixed deposit calculator. With it, investors can determine the returns they will earn at maturity. You have to select the amount and duration of the investment to get the results.

Easy Online Application Process Amid all the celebrations, investors can start their investment journey from the comfort of their own homes. Booking a FD with Bajaj Finance is now easier than ever with an end-to-end digital and paperless process. You have to fill out an online form and submit some essential documents to start investing. Investing online allows investors under the age of 60 to get an additional 0.10% pa rate advantage

Market-linked investments with high security and credibility can offer high returns, but they need to be watched closely to protect them from fluctuations and capital losses. Term deposits, in this case, are incredibly safe, due to their non-equity nature, as opposed to mutual funds and stocks. In addition, the FDs of Bajaj Finance benefit from the highest ratings of MAAA and FAAA of ICRA and CRISIL, thus ensuring that their savings grow safely. This way, investors can be sure that their profits are in good hands.

Investors can consider investing their bonuses in a Bajaj Finance fixed deposit to grow their savings without worrying about market uncertainties.

Image: High interest rates make Bajaj Finance FD the perfect investment avenue for its Diwali bonus

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